Research Grants

Recent Grantees

Below is a list of grantees and their research projects from our most recent Fall 2014 Grants Cycle.

Thure Cerling, University of Utah:  Stable isotopes of fossil primates in Kenya

Naomi Cleghorn, University of Texas, Arlington:  Investigating a rare Early Later Stone Age site at Knysna, South Africa

Constance Dubuc, New York University:  Male-male competition, sexual dimorphism and alternative reproductive strategies in a non-human primate: A morphological approach

Alexander Georgiev, University of Chicago:  Male oxidative stress and female mate choice in rhesus macaques

Michael Granatosky, Duke University:  Gait mechanics of inverted walking: Implications for evolution of suspensory behavior

Alia Gurtov, University of Wisconsin, Madison:  Dental microwear analysis of Early Pleistocene hominin foraging seasonality

Andrew Halley, University of California, Berkeley:  Determining the embryonic origins of human and primate encephalization

Amanda Lea, Duke University:  Effects of social conditions on DNA methylation and immune function

Fredrick Manthi, National Museums of Kenya: Investigation of new Pleistocene sites in the Turkana Basin, Kenya

Emily McLean, Duke University:  Direct and indirect genetic effects on social behaviors in baboons

Armand Salvador Mijares, University of the Philippines:  The 2015 archaeological excavation of Callao Cave, northern Luzon, Philippines

Elizabeth Moffett, University of Missouri:  Birth and its effects on anthropoid pelvic shape and integration

David Pappano, Princeton University:  Dynamic network analysis of gelada herding and movement

Marta Pina, Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont:  Hindlimb mechanical properties in Miocene apes: Origins of human locomotion

Samantha Porter, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities:  Investigating cultural transmission across the MP-UP transition in western Europe

Shelby Putt, University of Iowa:  Investigating the co-evolution of language and toolmaking: An fNIRS study

Rhonda QuinnSeton Hall University:  Refining paleosol isotopic evidence from Omo-Turkana hominin environments

Michael Rogers, Southern Connecticut State University:  The Oldowan-Acheulian transition at Gona, Ethiopia: Archaeological and geological studies

Clara Scarry, University of Texas, Austin:  Evolution and maintenance of male cooperation among tufted capuchin monkeys

Gabriele Schino, Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione, C.N.R.:  The emotional basis of primate reciprocity

Nicole Squyres, Johns Hopkins University:  Morphological variation in the distal femur of modern humans and fossil hominins

Adam  Sylvester, University of Glasgow:  Reconstructing walking kinematics from femoral condyle curvature in fossil hominins

Maura Tyrrell, University at Buffalo, State University of New York:  Effect of competition on male coalition patterns in crested macaques

Sarie Van Belle, University of Texas at Austin:  Paternity and kinship in socially monogamous saki and titi monkeys

Brian Wood, Yale University:  Stone tools as digging implements: Archaeological, energetic, and biomechanical implications