Research Grants

Recent Grantees

Below is a list of grantees and their research projects from our most recent Fall 2013 Grants Cycle.


Kenneth Chiou

Margaret Corley

Morgan Gustison

Caley Johnson

Kevin Langergraber

Stephanie Levy

Charles Menzel

Alicia P. Melis

Anna Preis

Elizabeth Price

Rebecca Slepkov

A. Spence-Aizenberg

Duncan Hawkes

Claudia Wilke

Karen Baab

Lucas Delezene

Nicole Garrett

Lauren Gonzales

Amber Heard-Booth

Stephanie Maiolino

Fredrick Manthi

Laurent Marivaux

John Polk

Sileshi Semaw

Ron Shimelmitz

Britt Starkovich

Dominic Stratford


Washington University

University of Pennsylvania

University of Michigan

Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Boston University

Northwestern University

Georgia State University

University of Warwick

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University

U. of Minnesota, Twin Cities

University of Pennsylvania

University of Cambridge

University of York

Stony Brook University

University of Arkansas

University of Minnesota

Duke University

University of Texas, Austin

Stony Brook University

National Museums of Kenya

CNRS, France

U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Zinman Institute of Archaeology, U. of Haifa

University of Tübingen

University of the Witwatersrand

Project Title

Population genomics of a baboon hybrid zone in Zambia

Dispersal and reproductive function in socially monogamous owl monkeys

The form and function of vocal complexity in gelada society

Baboon diet in forest and savannah: Comparison of nutritional goals

Do male chimpanzees gain females by expanding their territory through lethal inter-group aggression?

The adaptive significance of brown fat among the Yakut of Siberia

Studies of chimpanzee spatio-temporal cognition and foraging

The cognitive underpinnings of chimpanzee collaboration

Proximate mechanisms of conflict management in wild chimpanzees

Planning in orangutans: Investigating the evolution of mental time travel

Dietary isotopes of chimpanzees and baboons at Gombe National Park

Olfaction, partner choice, and reproduction in owl monkeys (Aotus spp.)

Reading the signals: What does Hadza hunting success honestly convey?

Are cooperative chimpanzees more communicative (Kibale Forest, Uganda)

Integration of robust features across the cranial and post-cranial skeleton

Using dental microwear to infer hominin canine use

Compound specific paleoecology of Early Miocene hominoids from East Africa

Intraspecific variation in semicircular canal morphology in platyrrhine monkeys

Structure, function, and development of the human longitudinal arch

Comparative and functional morphology of primate nails and distal phalanges

Investigations of the Todenyang and Loruth Kaado sites, north-western Kenya

In search of early platyrrhine primates from Peruvian Amazonia

Lower limb posture in Australopithecus sediba and extant apes

Continued excavations exploring the Oldowan-Acheulian transition at Gona, Ethiopia

Human-environment interactions during the Upper Paleolithic of Sefunim Cave, Israel

The evolution of late Pleistocene hominin diets in southern Greece

Excavation of the Jacovec Cavern hominin-bearing deposits, Sterkfontein Caves