Grantee Resources

Changes of Institution

Occasionally, in the course of carrying out the research in a grant project, one of our grantees changes institutional affiliation. In these cases, we ask that you formally notify our office of the change in institution, and follow the following procedure to distribute the funds to the new institution:

  1. Please send an email to detailing:
    • Your name and grant title and request a change of institution
    • The contact information of the Office of Sponsored Research (or similar body) at the new institution.
    • For convenience, please carbon copy the Office of Sponsored Research at both your old and new institution.
  2. The old institution must present us with an accounting of all money spent to date on the project.
  3. We would ask that the old institution present the new institution with a check for the remainder of the award. Failing that, the check can be written to The Leakey Foundation, and we can write a new check to the new institution.
  4. We will need a signed contract from the new institution agreeing to our terms and conditions. (This will be prepared by our office after receiving item 1.)
  5. We will need a final accounting of how the remainder of the funds were spent from the new institution after the project is complete.