David Lordkipanidze: Discoveries at Dmanisi

  • California Academy of Sciences 55 Music Concourse Drive San Francisco, CA USA

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In partnership with The Stone Age Institute

David Lordkipanidze’s research team at the site of Dmanisi in the Republic of Georgia, unearthed a spectacular collection of skulls and skeletal bones from at least five individuals dating from 1.8 million years ago. The Dmanisi discoveries document the first expansion of hominins out of Africa and show that this was neither due to increased brain size, nor to improved technology. These discoveries include “Skull 5”, the most complete early Homo skull ever found. The variation in the five different skulls from the same place and time yields exciting new evidence on the evolutionary biology of early Homo and supports the idea of a single evolving lineage of early Homo

David Lordkipanidze, Ph.D. is the General Director of the National Museum of Georgia which unifies 10 major museums of the country and 2 research institutes. Under his leadership, the Museum is gradually transforming from a Soviet-type institution into a vibrant space for culture, education and science. Lordkipanidze’s professional activities are connected with Dmanisi, the world famous archaeological site. He and his colleagues at Dmanisi have received the total of 11 grants over the past 15 years.

Lordkipanidze has authored over 100 scientific articles published in widely respected and well-known scientific journals such as Nature, Science Magazine, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of USA, Journal of Human Evolution and more. He is regularly featured in the popular scientific magazines such as National Geographic magazine, GEO magazine, and Scientific American.

In 2004 Lordkipanidze received the Rolex Award for Enterprise. He was also given the National Decoration of Georgia (2001), Award of the Prince of Monaco (2001), the French decorations Palmes Académiques (2002) and L`Ordre du Mérite (2006), a Fulbright Scholarship (2002), and the Georgian National Prize for Science and Technology (2004). Since 2007 David Lordkipanidze is a foreign associate member of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), corresponding member of German archaeological institute(2008), corresponding member of Georgian National Academy of Sciences (2009), Member of European academy of Science and Arts (2009).